The Cost of Creativity

Hey can you create a logo for me for $50"

Short answer: No.

Slightly longer answer: You don't want me to.

Inside each of us is a creative spirit. That creativity manifests itself in many ways that you might not think of right away as creativity. Maybe you are great at problem solving a troubled CNC machine. Maybe you are the person people turn to when they have that stain they just don't know how to get rid of. Maybe you are amazing at bathroom remodeling (I'm mid shower revamp and I could use your help.) All of these are examples of creativity put into practice.

Somewhere along the tattered trail of history we have devalued the word creativity. We have somehow decided that creativity means lazy. Creating takes time, energy, and resources. Logo design is no different. Unfortunately sites like fiverr diluted the true value of a logo like a seedy bar owner that tops off the liquor bottles with water after hours.

A truly custom logo design is relevant to your audience, versatile, memorable, and timeless.

This means that before a single concept is even sketched there is research that needs to take place. Researching things like your target market, your competitors, and your personal tastes are vital to a successful logo project. After the research is when the concepts can start, and there may be dozens of crap ideas sketched before a single concept is brought to the digital space.

Think about the last time you started a home project. Did you know exactly what you wanted right away, or did you go through a series of ideas before settling on one idea? And after you started did you ever change course mid-project? How many trips to Home Depot did you make? I'm assuming by now you are having nightmarish flashbacks and I truly apologize for that, but I think you are catching on to my point. A great logo takes time and energy.

Your business deserves the respect of a quality crafted logo that you can build your brand around. So no I cannot create a logo for you for $50, but you shouldn't accept a $50 effort either.

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